Game Time will consist of two 22- minute running halves

Halftime will be four (4) minutes

Time Outs:  Two (2) per a game, per a team.  May be used at any time during the game.  Timeouts will be one (1) minute in length.  Timeouts are allowed to be used in the final 2 minutes. The timeout will stop the clock only in the last two minutes (if time is called at 2:10 the clock will stop at 2:00!) This will be for either the first or second half. There will be no timeouts allotted in the overtime period

1.      NFHS stick regulations will be used:  No stick checks unless called for by coach.  If no timeouts left, coach may not ask for a stick check. Each team is allowed to call for one (1) stick check per game. The clock will stop during a stick check situation.

2.      Overtime: In pool play: One 4 min "sudden Victory." If no team scores, game will end in a tie. In playoffs: All OT games during the playoffs, must continue with 4 min "sudden victory" until a winner is decided.

3.      Penalties:   Penalties will be time and ½.  Penalty time will stop during a time-out. Score table will keep penalty time. All ties in pool play and consolation games will end in ties.

4.      Decisions on the field will be the final ruling. No disputes will be heard after the game.  

5.      Fouling Out: 4 personal fouls OR 5 min of penalty time. If player fouls out, they must sit out next game.

6.      One handed stick checks are permitted in all divisions that have HS players.

7.      NFHS timing rules (30 seconds to get it in box) will apply at all levels except U9.

8.      Team leading must keep it in box under 2 minutes in all divisions unless up by more than 4 goals.

9.      Goalies are NOT required to wear arm pads, but they are recommended.

10.  Targeting (Helmet to Helmet Contact) will be a 3-minute non-releasable penalty via the 2019 Rules change 

11.  NO BODY CHECKS at the U11 Level

12.  Player Ejection: Any player that is involved in a fight will be ejected from the tournament

13.  Coach Behavior:  Any coach that is involved in any physical altercation will forfeit that game and will be ejected from the tournament.

14.  Parent Behavior:  Parents entering the field of play determine which team they are and issue a forfeit to that team. If parents of both teams enter the field, then both teams are issued a loss!!

1. Divisions are determined by graduation year.

2. No High School Graduates are eligible.

3. No player may compete or be on a roster of more than one program at the same time during the tournament. Director approval may be granted if a program needs a player to play up in their own program. These situations must be cleared through tournament director before player participates on 2nd team.

4. Any team with a player in violation of any of the roster rules will forfeit all games in which the player is known to have competed and forfeit the opportunity to advance to the playoff round.

If a team plays four games on day 1, the fourth game will not be counted in their standing, so Tourney Machine may in fact not show the correct standings.

Ties will be broken in the following manner and sequence:

Head to Head Play
Goals Allowed
Goal Scored
Goal Differential