tournament rules


Game Time
  • Duration: Two 22-minute running halves
  • Timekeepers: Officials
  • Quantity: Two per game, per team
  • Duration: 30 seconds each
  • Usage: Any time, including final 2 minutes (clock stops only in the last 2 minutes of each half)
  • Overtime: No timeouts allowed
  • Duration: 4 minutes
  • Pool Play: One 4-minute "sudden victory," ends in a tie if no score
  • Playoffs: Continuous 4-minute "sudden victory" until a winner is decided
  • Duration: Time and a half
  • Penalty Time: Stops during a timeout
  • Management: Score table keeps penalty time
Stick Regulations
  • Lengths:
    • U11: 47-54 inches
    • U13 and up: 52-72 inches
  • One-Handed Checks: Not allowed for players 13 years old and younger
  • Stick Checks:
    • None for U11, U13, U15/JV B
    • One per game for JV A, HS B, HS A (clock stops during check)


Contact Rules
  • Body Checking:
    • U11: None
    • U13: Limited
    • U15/JV B, JV A, HS B, HS A: NFHS rules
  • Counts (10 & 20 sec):
    • U11: None
    • U13 and up: NFHS rules
  • Goalie Count: 4-second crease for all divisions
  • Keep it In:
    • U11: No
    • U13 and up: Yes, NFHS rules

Goalie Regulations
  • Penalties: In-home can serve
  • Arm Pads: Recommended for youth, waiver possible with parent, player, and coach approval

Player Regulations
  • Mouthpieces: Required for all players
  • Ejection: Any player involved in a fight is ejected from the tournament
  • Fouling Out: 4 personal fouls or 5 minutes of penalty time (must sit out next game)

Coach and Parent Regulations
  • Coach Behavior: Forfeit and ejection for any physical altercation
  • Parent Behavior:
    • Field entry results in a forfeit for that team
    • Both teams forfeit if parents from both teams enter the field

Additional Rules
  • Weather: If the game reaches halftime during inclement weather, the score stands

Roster Rules
  1. Divisions: Determined by graduation year
  2. Eligibility: No high school graduates allowed
  3. Player Participation:
    • No player can compete on more than one program roster during the tournament
    • Director approval required for playing up within their own program
  4. Violations: Teams with ineligible players forfeit all games and cannot advance to playoffs


  1. Game Count: If a team plays four games on day 1, the fourth game will not count towards standings
  2. Tie Breakers:
    • Head to Head Play
    • Goals Allowed
    • Goals Scored
    • Goal Differential

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